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I'm a little bit confused by your question. COM3 is the com port for the built in modem, but when we talk about rs-232, I think of port 1 on a 520 or 2 on a 570-either way, it would be for an external modem, and I'm guessing you're not talking about that... Also, your sample code is assigning a handle for the CLOCK, not the modem. Typo?

Chapter 10 of the "Verix eVo ACT Programmers Guide" is going to be your friend for modem related help. So will the "Modem Engine Function Calls" section of the same document (page 275 in my version).

I use the xmodem library for my modem functions. I'm including bits of my code I use for modem communication.


If you are using VMAC, then first you have to request the modem device (if you are not using VMAC, skip to the next section). A tip someone gave me once was to first turn combo mode off. This was for 37x0 terminals (Verix) and may not be relevant anymore, but I still do it:

set_combo_mode(0) I then send a custom event that is defined in my .rck file as follows:

(HIGH, MODEM_REQUEST_EVENT, MODEM_EVENT, {(COMM_3)}) If you are using VMAC, you should already be familiar with the fact that this table is defined as "Priority, input event, output event, devices". Further explanation is beyond the scope of this answer.


Next, you'll need to open the modem and get the handle:

hModem = open(DEV_COM3, 0); Be sure to verify that hModem > 0 and deal with cases where it is not.


First you have to initialize the terminal modem interface:

struct Opn_Blk Com3ob; Com3ob.rate = Rt_115200; Com3ob.format = Fmt_A8N1; //another common rate is Fmt_A7E1 Com3ob.protocol = P_char_mode; Com3ob.parameter = 0; set_opn_blk(hModem, &Com3ob); Note: communication rate can be faster than the modem connection because the modem can communicate with the host system at one speed and also talk to the terminal at another. Note that it would be wise to always make the terminal to modem speed greater than the modem to host speed.

Then you may also have to send an initialization string to the modem to set communication options between the modem and the server you are dialing into:

write(hModem, "+++", 3); // put the modem into "Command mode" write(hModem, ATString, ATStringLength); // be sure ATString ends with '\r' //read(hModem, buffer, readLength) -> process the response. // How you do that will depend on if echo and or verbose is on DIAL

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