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VX690In an era where technology is changing rapidly, merchants need solutions that offer greater flexibility to respond to new trends and requirements that make transactions convenient and easy for their customers. In Brazil, the integration of Wi-Fi along with 3G and Bluetooth on one device is a growing need as merchants need to stay connected in multiple ways to accept payments.

To fill this need, Acqio Franchising, a fast growing startup made of a network of specialized franchises offering mobile payment devices in Brazil, has increased its product portfolio with the addition of the Verifone VX690. Acqio is the first to sell the Verifone VX690 to merchants in Brazil.

“Acqio expects revenue to grow by 60 percent in the next three months as a result of this partnership and new capabilities the device will offer the merchants we serve, ” said Kawel Lotti, executive director from Acqio.

With the deployment of Verifone VX690, Acqio Franchising aims to offer its merchant clients the ability to use multiple types of connections (3G or Bluetooth) to take payments and personalize shopper experience with unique offers, discounts, coupons and loyalty programs.

Merchants today, need to keep pace with growing cash to cashless trends and engage consumers in new ways, offering superior shopping experiences from anywhere in the store. At Verifone, we are constantly innovating to develop devices and solutions to help our clients around the world transform the point of sale into a powerful, smart, value proposition for merchants.

Verifone VX690 is a portable handheld device with integrated 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. The advanced communications and functionalities allow merchants to securely accept payments with magnetic strip cards, chip cards and contactless, extending their point of sale opportunities. It is powered by the VX Evolution platform and provides ample bandwidth for colorful graphics, pictures and videos, elevating the customer experience.

We are living in an increasingly integrated and services-based world and it is critical for merchants to adopt the latest technology in payment solutions to simplify, personalise and offer the convenience and great experience consumers have come to expect.

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