Verifone VX805 USB Driver

The VX 805 is available from select distributors today with a version of XPI that is EMV-ready. Here's what you'll need to order:

  1. Verifone VX 805 (M280-703-A3-WWA-3)
  2. Processor Encryption (processor-specific)
  3. Power Cable (PWR282-001-01-A) & Serial Cable (CBL282-031-02-A)
    USB Cable (CBL282-038-01-A) OR Ethernet Cable (CBL282-005-02-B)

The VX 805 PIN Pads can be also ordered from the distributors below - these distributors currently have access to the EMV-enabled version of XPI (8.42b or 8.43) for the Verifone VX 805, allowing for an EMV-ready installation.

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