VeriFone VX570 wireless

The Vx670 is one of the world's smallest all-in-one handheld POS (point of sale) devices. PCI PED security approved, this model is completely wireless making it the ideal machine for all sizes of restaurant and those in the hospitality service.



The large blue back-lit keys are an asset for evening settings and its fast thermal printer enables quick and easy transactions (printing at 18 lines per second and taking the standard 2.25 inch paper).

This product comes with a hands free holster which attaches to servers' belts, meaning less trips to and from main tills and an incredible speed of service.

The Vx670 has a vertical magnetic card reader with bi-directional capacity.

Specifications for this product are:

  • 32-bit ARM9 microprocessor
  • Up to 12MB memory
  • 128x128 pixel LCD display
  • SAM card reader
  • Wireless modem
  • Dimensions: 168mm x 78mm


The Vx670 currently retails at $619 and is also available to hire from $20 per month (transaction and debit/credit fees apply).


The VX670 has been specifically created with wireless use in mind, making payments easy and convenient for your customers. This ease of use is enhanced by the large display. The keys light up, which helps to make them more vivid for the end user and the printer is almost silent, minimizing disruption while you complete the transaction.

Made for portability, the system can be attached to a server's belt ready for use on the go. The VX670 was also created with durability in mind and has been designed to withstand falls of 3ft onto a solid surface. In addition to the physical benefits, the device comes with an extremely high level of security.

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