Verifone VX520 settlement failed

Below are some basic tips and tricks that could help troubleshoot some simple credit card terminal issues.
For more involved terminal problems, please contact Customer Support
at Upserve 1-855-66GETUP (664-3887) or members@upserve.comA general maintenance recommendation: If you're having difficulties with your terminal, try turning the terminal off and unplugging all of the connections (power, phone, and/or internet). When reconnecting, be sure to reconnect the phone/internet line to the terminal first BEFORE plugging in the power cord.Default Password: 1-alpha-alpha-6-6-8-3-1Common Error Messages:
  • Declined: This message comes from the Credit Card company or Bank and transaction will not be possible. Ask for another form of payment.
  • Card Swipe/Read Error: The card did not read properly.
    FIX: Swipe the card again, or enter the card number manually.
  • No Network Connection or Connection Failed/TCP Error: Communications error.
    FIX: If Use Backup Comm Confirm appears, select Yes to continue the transaction via another communication method; otherwise select No to cancel the transaction.
  • Batch Full: The terminal has reached batch transaction capacity
    FIX: Perform batch settlement
  • Void Not Allowed: The user tried to void an already voided transaction.
    FIX: No action. Transaction has already been voided.
  • Expired card: The card's expiration date has passed.

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