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Verifone vx510 user instructions ‹ POS system

Verifone vx510 user instructions

The VeriFone Vx510 is a payment card terminal capable of processing credit and debit card transactions.

Features and Capabilities

The Vx510 features a fast, inbuilt thermal printer which is capable of printing 18 lines per second, yet is designed to operate as quietly as possible.The display screen of the Vx510 is also designed with user friendliness in mind. It features a large screen and an ergonomic, back-lit keypad.The terminal is relatively compact, yet still maintains high speed processing capabilities with transactions typically completed within a matter of seconds.


The Vx510 is a user friendly terminal, both for the merchant and the customer. This is in largely due to its compact design. It can be handed over from merchant to customer and back again very easily. The ergonomic keys and display screen, already discussed, are also highly beneficial.The high speed capabilities of the Vx510 make this terminal a particularly attractive option for businesses who regularly process large numbers of transactions. Reducing transaction times enables a greater number of transactions to be processed in a day.

VeriFone Vx510le

The Vx510le features a fast thermal printer and is compact enough to fit any POS point. This model also supports more modern security features including:
  • Advanced 3DES encyption
  • PCI PED approved
  • VeriShield file authentication
The Vx510le is also compatible with the same thermal paper rolls for printing receipts as the Vx510.

Verifone VX510 Keypad locked

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