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Verifone vx510 download needed ‹ POS system

Verifone vx510 download needed

Ingenico 5100
Countertop Design
Easy Loading and Fast Printer
Fast Processing and Powerful Cryptographic Algorithms
Can Be Easily Handed Over for Cardholder PIN Entry
Perfect for Medium to Low Transaction Levels
Download Ingenico 5100.PDFIngenico 7780
Indoor Wireless Design with Bluetooth Technology
Portable, Durable and Secure
Easy Loading and Fast Printer
Fast Procesing and Powerful Cryptographic Algorithms
Ideal for Hospitality Professionals
Download Ingenico 7780.pdfIngenico 8550
Long-Range Mobile Design
Color Touch Screen
Easy Load Thermal Printer
Can Withstand Drop to Concrete from a Height of 5 Feet
Wireless Transaction Authorization w/ Cell Phone Interoperability
Download Ingenico 8550.pdfVeriFone PINpad 1000SE
Sleek Countertop Design
Large Graphic Display
Connects with a Variety of ECRs and POS Devices
Provides Best Protection Against Fraud
USB Product Options Simplifies Cabling
Download Verifone PINpad 1000SE.pdfVeriFone VX510
Sleek and Compact Countertop Design
Small Design Takes Up Less Counter Space
Efficient Processing
High-Speed Thermal Printing
"Clam shell" drop-in printer design virtually eliminates paper jams
Download VeriFone VX510.pdfVeriFone VX610
Powerful, Portable Design
Supports Payment and Value Added Applications
Dual Modem (Wireless plus dial for back-up operation)
Industry Leading Battery Performance
Advanced Security and Superior Reliability
Download VeriFone VX610.pdfVeriFone VX670
Compact Wireless Design
Multiple Connectivity Options
Built-In Security Features Guard Against Fraud and Misuse
Quiet, Fast Thermal Printer
“Hands Free” Holster
Download VeriFone VX670.pdfExadigm XD2000
Interchangeable Modems
Long-life Removable Lithium Ion Battery
Full Size Printing Paper Rolls

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