Verifone VX 820 tamper password

verifonevx820referencepasswordApparently 90% of all credit card machines have the default password, which happens to be: 166816 and Z66816 since 1990.So there are several problems here:1. The same default password for many years by the manufacturers (Verifone is a manufacturer)2. No one changed the credit Card machine passwords because of difficulties and laziness3. Verifone claims there have been no “security incidents” – I doubt thatLucky Verifone Changed the password to “1, Alpha, Alpha, 66831” for the new EMV model VX520 (this is from the Verifone publicly accessible reference manual)pcicompliancerequirement2As you can see the VX820 Duet default password is 166831 (kind of similar to the VX520). and this “new” password is similar to the older model passwords as well.Including the VX820Duet is now:For PCI compliance one must change the default passwords of all your equipment, as you don’t want a bad situation to develop (no telling what a hacker can do with a credit card machine)The PCI Compliance document requires all default passwords to be changed:In fact I like the wording:What may be missing in most of the companies (90% of them according to Trustwave) is a general security mindset.Let us know if you need help with PCI compliance needs as we have done this type of work, as well as creating security policies, access policies and more.

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