Verifone VX 805 Manual

Verifone VX805 Hardware Setup


1x Ethernet Cable

1x Small Screwdriver


1x Verifone VX805

1x Power adapter

1x Verifone Cable

How to Setup

This guide goes over how to plug and setup the VX805 for use. Verifone VX805 come pre-configured to be ready for use.

    Unscrew the back plate of the VX805 with a small screwPlug the other end of the Ethernet cable to the switch or routerPlug the power into outlet or surge protector
    During boot-up, the device should show the IP address of the terminal. Cross check the IP address vs the one printed on the sticker of the station.If the device is stuck on a Mode prompt (it shouldn't do this if it's properly configured) but if it DOES pop up, you must select XP1.Pairing: The device will need to be paired to a specific POS station.

    A test transaction SHOULD be performed with the client. While completing this test transaction and after pressing Pay > then press Credit > the Revel POS will request a series of numbers be entered on the VX805 terminal and the VX805 should read "Enter Code". This is where pairing takes place between the POS and card swipe.
    The POS will say "Please enter XXXX on the PinPad" and the VX805 will show "Enter Code" rather than the regular "Welcome" Message. The client will have to type in the code as indicated by the POS on the VX805 and press the enter/green button to confirm. After that, the message on the POS will go away and continue with the transaction.

    If it does not do any of these things; troubleshooting has to be done either by Verifone Support or Revel T2.

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