VeriFone VX 520 manual settlement

  • Select a location for the terminal near a power outlet and an Internet router, modem or wall jack that is convenient for the operator and offers adequate ventilation and protection for the equipment.
  • If you are connecting your terminal to a telephone line, plug one end of a standard telephone cord into the phone port on the terminal and the other end into your telephone wall jack. Note: For optimal performance, we suggest using the provided phone cable on a dedicated phone line, and not connecting through a splitter.
  • If you are going to use an Internet connection, plug one end of an Ethernet cable into the terminal's Ethernet port, which may be labeled as "ETH" or "10Base-T." These cables are very common and are technically named "Cat5 cables." Plug the other end into your router, modem or Ethernet wall jack. Note: You can connect both Internet and phone cables to the terminal, so that your terminal can automatically switch over if you ever suffer from Internet connectivity problems.
  • Make sure that one end of the power cord is plugged into the adapter and then plug the other end into an indoor outlet.
  • Attach the small plug on the adapter cord to the power port on the rear of the terminal.

How to Process a Sale Transaction

  • Press the [F2] key to initiate a sale transaction.
  • Key in the amount of the sale and press the green Enter [O] key in the lower right-hand corner of keypad.
  • You or your customer can enter the payment method.
Payment Processing Methods:

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