VeriFone PAYware iPhone 4

VeriFone offers an application, card reader, and payment gateway that allows the user to accept and process credit cards using an iPhone 3G or 3GS. The question is how easy is it to use and is it financially feasible.

How Easy Is It To Use

Testing a system like this in demo mode is never a completely fair evaluation because demo mode is, well, demo mode. It’s not the real thing and you have to try and make it work when it’s not really working. Because of this I had some trouble getting the system set up. The good part of this is I got to evaluate their technical support and can report that it is excellent.

Once it is set up it is very easy to use. The iPhone slides into the Payware Mobile reader which includes a swipe credit card reader. You can also key in credit card information if necessary. The mobile reader also includes a stylus (stored in the back) that customers can use to sign their name to approve their transactions.

As you can see from image 1, there are fields for the usual information necessary for processing a credit card purchase. When you swipe a credit card the necessary information is automatically entered into the appropriate fields. Image 2 shows the information you get once the transition has been approved, and image 3 shows the signature process. If you set the system up to send an email receipt to the customer, you will be prompted to get an email address and an email will be automatically created and sent to your iPhone email application for you to send.

There are administrative screens that provide report summaries of transactions, daily summaries, and other information that you program into your system.

The system takes Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover credit and debit cards.


The card reader automatically encrypts credit card data so that customer’s account data is never stored on the iPhone, which reduces your liability. The credit card transaction receives immediate approval or disapproval.

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