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engineer 2 blogAccelerating change in payments has taught all of us at Verifone one thing, and taught us well – we need to innovate differently to not only survive but stay firmly relevant to our clients and partners that span the globe.

Our transformation is deeply rooted in our “client-first” philosophy and this view has galvanized us as an organization to evolve.

Today’s merchants are showing increased interest in the revenue opportunities payment devices can bring with all the new ways of interacting with consumers. With innovative software applications that enable a broad range of capabilities using the device as a conduit, we are looking at a world where Jane the consumer can purchase a pair of shoes online, then when she discovers they don’t fit; Jane can drive to the nearest store and exchange them for a size that does shopper When Jane pays with her iPhone or Android at the counter, an offer is displayed on the payment device for a 20% discount on a dress to go with the shoes. Jane accepts the offer and the discount is automatically applied when she makes her purchase in the clothing department.

With this future in mind, Verifone began transforming in 2016 with Paul Galant at the helm. We set off to strategically invest in building simple, commerce-enabled solutions that are secure, open, connected and offer value at the POS.e355 blog My engineering organization has been hard at work to consolidate our approach and achieve a world-class ecosystem capable of supporting ingenuity and innovation that is shaping the future of payments and commerce.

No doubt, we did and still do face tough challenges but we have a strong history and track record of success. After all, Verifone was there when “payments” as a definable industry was created in the early 80’s. From the introduction of the first payment card, the Diner’s Club, in 1950, it took nearly six decades for plastics to overcome cash and check use. The move from plastics to digital for the consumer, and from multi-channel to omni-channel for the merchant is happening in just a fraction of the time it took to go from paper to plastic.

To manage change as effectively as possible, Verifone is using a new framework to guide how we approach, develop and bring to market solutions and services.

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