VeriFone outdoor payment terminal

Why are Gilbarco and Verifone entering in to this partnership?This partnership combines the world’s leading fueling systems provider with the world’s leading payment technology company to benefit our customers' pay at the pump offering. By joining forces, we will offer next generation forecourt payment solutions and create the largest at-pump interactive digital media network worldwide.How does this partnership benefit customers?
  • Provides unprecedented technology integration from two market leaders, solving retailer challenges around payment security, media, and emerging payment technologies.
  • Delivers a rich, scalable pump media network to help retailers drive consumers inside the store.
  • Leverages Gilbarco’s dispenser expertise and fuel-specific payment expertise with Verifone’s global payment technology and security expertise to provide a richer platform for growth.
What does the partnership entail?
  • Gilbarco will become the software and solutions integration lead and sales and service provider for forecourt payment systems developed under the partnership.
  • Verifone and Gilbarco will merge their media networks, with Verifone operating the combined media business. Verifone’s media offering, VNET, will power Gilbarco’s pump media platform.
  • Gilbarco and Verifone will collaborate on future dispenser payment platforms to meet convenience retailers’ functionality and regulatory needs worldwide. In this capacity Verifone will be the supplier of the forecourt payment solutions and technology, and Gilbarco will be the integrator and distributor.
What does the partnership NOT entail?Verifone and Gilbarco will continue to maintain separate businesses for our in-store petro point of sale, upselling systems and consumer-facing applications.Why did Verifone want to do this partnership?

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