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Part I – Hardware and Environmental Considerations
Part II – Software Changes and the Impact on Merchants

In this third of four posts regarding the implementation of EMV for US based merchants, we will go beyond the hardware and software involved in facilitating the “between the card accepting terminal” and the chip card and specifically discuss Solution Set Certification.

Step 3 – Solution Set Certification – EMV Level 3 Type Approval
In the previous posts we talked about the “card accepting terminal to chip card hardware interface” as EMV Level 1 Type Approval and the “software interface between the card accepting terminal and chip card” as EMV Level 2 Type Approval, yet there is another certification that is discussed much less often – EMV Level 3 Type Approval.

In the most basic terms, EMV Level 3 Type Approval is brand specific and required for each unique solution set. To break down that sentence a bit, by ‘brand specific’ I mean that there is a specific certification script which has to be successfully completed for each EMV card brand in order to receive Level 3 approval from that brand.
All of these approvals can be found on the EMVCo website.

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