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Responding to Client Needs in Benelux and Southern Europe.

From our new offices in Belgium, Verifone is now offering platforms and solutions for secure online payments to our customers in Benelux, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

The opening of our new office is not only a demonstration of Verifone’s commitment to the region, it also reveals how electronic payments are growing across Europe.

It comes at a time when we’re making great strides in this region and preparing for further growth.

Electronic transactions across the continent are increasingly displacing cash and cheques. New and better card terminals, more accessible solutions for smaller merchants (including cloud-based solutions), cashless ticketing for travel, smartphones with near-field communication (NFC) capability, and contactless cards are all helping to drive adoption.

At the same time, transaction fees in many countries (notably in France and Spain) are decreasing – all of which is great news for retailers and consumers.

At Verifone, we understand the opportunities and the challenges that these changes bring for our customers. There’s not only strong interest in our platforms and payment solutions across Europe, but we are also tapping in to the current highly dynamic growth of e-payments across the continent.

One of the solutions Verifone Benelux is able to offer its customers is Paybox by Verifone, a multi-channel platform which accepts all forms of payments and is meant for several industries. It currently processes payment flows of over 35, 000 merchants and 120 million transactions per year – and, of course, our customer base is growing all the time!

We have enjoyed a market-leading position in France for some time, with a dedicated research and development (R&D) function driving highly targeted, tailored solutions for this market. Opening our office in Belgium is a significant step that demonstrates our intention to better meet the needs of local customers and to position Verifone as a market leader in Benelux and Europe.

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