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Sunoco, Inc. has selected VeriFone as the exclusive media provider for its fueling islands. With the partnership, VeriFone will provide Sunoco with dispenser card readers that tout integrated video screens and dynamic streaming content to help enhance the fueling experience.

Sunoco initially sought a payment platform that was PCI compliant and EMV-ready. The Secure PumpPAY solution from VeriFone offers this security, as well as a mix of advertiser-funded offers, coupons and other relevant content through a media service called VNET - At the Pump.

LiftRetail, also known as VNET – InStore has been rolled out in locations and integrated with the Sunoco POS system. Customer-facing screens powered by LiftRetail will display real-time targeted offers and upsell opportunities to store visitors. Consumers can touch the screens to accept offers.

Drew Kabakoff, Director of Marketing at Sunoco explained: “The combination of VeriFone’s indoor/outdoor video experience, our consumer loyalty programs, and our forthcoming mobile payments app will provide Sunoco’s consumers with a dynamic two-way communication platform.”

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