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Verifone headquarters

Verifone recently launched a global Careers site. This is a great occasion to share something important beyond the job postings: the value proposition of working at Verifone. If you’re considering joining our team, it’s important to get a sense of the heart of what it’s like to work here. This is best done by spending time with our people, but I want to share a few things for anyone just beginning to check us out.

When speaking with people about opportunities at Verifone, I like to share my personal story about why I’m here. First, I want to share what I’ve heard from some of my 5, 400 teammates around the world. Naturally, each has a variety of reasons why they are part of the Verifone team. In my recent travels to several of our major hubs around the world, I asked several of them about their personal value proposition for building a career at Verifone. There were 5 themes from their stories:

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 3.53.22 PM1 – Being Part of a Global Team: One of our core values is “One Verifone” – the belief that everyone across the globe will be aligned in our direction and included in our journey. At the same time, we are a very global company – and that makes us very diverse. About 60 percent of our revenue comes from outside of North America. We have employees in over 40 countries, and our products are sold in a total of 150 countries.Diwali SJC As one person put it, “I get to meet and discuss ideas with people from around the world and that gives me a lot of satisfaction.” I met another team member who talked about the opportunity to work and progress her career across geographies.

One of our engineers likes the fact that the “resources of a global company enable faster, better and scalable solutions, which can be brought to market quickly” in their country. For some, there is simply a certain excitement to being with a truly global leader in our industry.

2 – Transforming our Company: About 18 months ago, Verifone embarked on an ambitious transformation plan. This plan has five “pillars” of success:

  • Aligning around a new strategic plan
  • Demonstrating great client focus
  • Being operationally excellent
  • Being properly organized
  • Having a distinct and winning culture

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