Verifone ChargeSmart acquisition

I recently spent a chunk of time researching SAIL (SailPay) by Verifone, now known as Spark Pay by Capital One, so I’d like to take a stab at this and give this question a bump.I should also note that before it was SparkPay, and before it was SailPay, this platform was founded by and briefly marketed as ChargeSmart Mobile before acquisition by Verifone.

When you search for Spark Pay on Quora, you get almost no results. Actually, if you search for “Spark Pay” (in quotes) you get literally no results (although I guess now you’ll get one). If you search for SparkPay – which is actually incorrect – you’ll get three results (now four), one of which is from an answer I wrote (Doh!).
What I’m trying to say is that Spark Pay is not getting the amount of attention it deserves – certainly less attention than it got under the Verifone name. Yet I’m fairly confident that the product and the service have improved quite a bit under Capital One’s ownership. (As far as I know, Verifone is still producing the hardware, and the app remains in the spirit of the original.) Overall it could be a solid competitor when stacked again services like Square, or . I don’t love everything about it, but I don’t love everything about any of the aforementioned.
Both Spark Pay and Square offer many of the same great features, but here are some of the differences that make each advantageous over the other:

  • Better customer support (including phone-based support 7 days per week)
  • Backed by Capital One (a top 10 bank)
  • Option for lower rates (with $9.95 monthly fee, 1.95%/2.95%, profitable if you do more than $1.3K monthly)
  • Also, slightly lower pay-as-you-go swipe rates (0.05% lower)
  • Create QR code offers
  • Inventory management integration via
  • Appears to have fewer account terminations/freezes, but I’m not sure


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