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"I started as a sales engineer and now i'm a Global Product Manager. I've been able to travel around the world looking for the next (big) challenge. It’s really exciting."

-Derek Rodriguez
Global Product Manager
Sacramento, California, USA

"The people at Verifone are some of the smartest, most driven people I know, and they're certainly not afraid of challenges, no matter how difficult they may seem. Despite being located in multiple cities all over the world, somehow, the people at Verifone know how to come together to find real, tangible solutions and to build the best products and consumer experiences they possibly can."

-Diane Lee
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Commerce Enablement
New York, New York, USA

"Everyone at Verifone is a team player no matter what city, state or country you are in. It’s nice to come into work every day knowing that my colleagues listen to my opinions and value to the work I do."

-Melissa Holtz
Communications Specialist

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