Verifone card reader

In order to connect your VeriFone card reader to your iOS device, plug the headphone jack of the card reader into the audio jack of the iPod, iPad or iPhone. Make sure that the phone is not on silent - the sound settings needs to be on full volume.

The card reader is properly connected when you insert the headphone jack of the card reader and hear a soft click. You can also fix black rubber pads that you received in your Yoco Launch Kit to the back of the card reader to ensure that the reader fits snuggly

You may also use the extension cable provided in your launch kit to connect the card reader and the device.

You will know that the VeriFone card reader is connected to your device because one single blue star will light up on the card reader.

  • If the star is orange it means that the reader is not connected
  • If the star flashes inconsistently or is of any other colour than blue, this may indicate that the reader is not connected

If the reader does not connect to your device, it may be due to one of the following:

1. It may simply not be connected properly. Simply unplug it and plug it back in.

2. The audio jack on your iOS device may be faulty. To test this, make a call on the phone using headphones and see if the recipient of the phone call can hear you. Unfortunately, you cannot test this by listening to music - the card reader uses the part of the audio jack that the microphone uses. If the headphone jack on your iOS device is faulty, you may need to switch out the VeriFone card reader for a Bluetooth card reader. Contact us and we will help you.

3. If you have plugged the card reader in using an extension cable, try plugging it in directly to the device without the extension cable and see if it connects this way. This may indicate that your extension cable is faulty. Let us know, and we'll replace it.

4. Make sure the VeriFone card reader is plugged in properly - you must hear it click when you plug it into the device. If you wish to use your iPhone/ iPod/ iPad with a cover, please use the extension cable. Covers prevent the card reader from properly plugging into the device.

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