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C-Stor Lite answers the call of the convenience store market for a free, basic, price book management software solution. Introduced in late 2006, C-Stor Lite provides all side of station operator an easy method of managing their sites price book.What Operating Systems are supported?
C-Stor Lite works with all modern version of Windows
Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7Why are we providing such a valuable product for free?
We feel that in today's completive market place, with pressures from fuel prices, tight margins and hypermarkets, station must control their inventory. While in a perfect world, everyone would purchase our flagship product, C-Stor, not everyone has the budget or man power. Our solution is C-Stor Lite.What about support?
Basic installation/connection/1 year of support is offered for $395 (Hey, its free software).Can I move my price book to a new EPOS?
Yes! But if you need help, there is a $395 fee.My EPOS is not listed !?!

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