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Verifone’s FIPay (Flexible Integrated Payments) is a suite of Store-level electronic payment solutions. These solutions provide the ability to manage all aspects of electronic payment acceptance at the POS including the following:


Acceptance and processing of all forms of electronic payments including credit, debit, gift, loyalty, and private label cards. When combined with our settlement software, authorization provides merchants with a complete payment processing solution.


Dynamic currency conversion provides the cardholder the option to pay in their domestic currency at the time of checkout. By initiating currency conversion at checkout, the retailer is able to share in the currency conversion rate with their acquirer. Ideally suited for retailers who attract international shoppers, DCC represents one of the few options available to retailers for offsetting payment processing costs.


Verifone products are certified to meet the most current EMV requirements set by the primary credit card issuing entities. Verifone has been providing certified EMV solutions for international merchants since 1995 in the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US.


Verifone’s solutions give petroleum merchants the power to accept 3rd party fleet cards including the requirement of driver prompting, collection of product codes, and applying product restrictions at the time of purchase.


Hardware management solutions allow merchants to use the PIN entry devices as a tool that extends to provide options for signature capture, scrolling receipts, email verification, and as a communication medium.


Electronic payments acceptance at MPOS is an integral component of the overall customer experience. Verifone’s solution enables the acceptance of electronic payments within a retailers mobile POS environment.


End-to-End encryption and tokenization solutions (also referred to as P2PE) provide merchants the ability to reduce scope of PCI when deployed. Cardholder data is encrypted at swipe (within a secure PIN entry device) and decrypted outside the merchants network reducing risk of data exposure. When combined with tokenization, merchants are relieved with the need to store card holder data.

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