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Intuit point of sale phone number

Once you have successfully completed the QuickBooks Desktop Certification exam and/or the QuickBooks Online Certification exam you become a Gold Level Member and depending upon the certifications you completed, you can use the QuickBooks Desktop Certified or QuickBooks Online Certified distinctions as applicable.

To maintain your Certified Gold Level status, you must have an active ProAdvisor member account and be certified in one of the latest three version years of QuickBooks Desktop Certification or QuickBooks Online Certification.

Note: Upon completing two consecutive years of QuickBooks Desktop Certification, you will qualify to take an alternate Re-certification exam. This exam is shorter, as it is 1/4th the size of the regular exam-covering only the 4th section of the regular exam.

IMPORTANT: The re-certification exam no longer appears as a separate link within the available courses. Instead, clicking on the regular exam will open the re-certification exam, if you qualify to take it.

QuickBooks Desktop Advanced Certification is a one-time exam. Once you have successfully passed the Desktop Advanced Certification exam you become a Diamond Level Member. To maintain your Advanced Certification status after passing the one-time exam, you will be required to complete the 9 CPE credits of ACE-approved training every three years, and maintain your annual QuickBooks Certification. For more information on the ACE Program, refer to QuickBooks ProAdvisor Advanced Continuing Education (ACE) program FAQs.

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