Ingenico USB to serial driver

    Baud Rate: 4800-57600 (Should be configured for 38400 for reliability)USB: Must use proprietary USB cable Part#: 100Serial: Proprietary RDM serial cable Part#: AC00454
      Note: Will NOT work with the Prolific USB-to-Serial Converter

Setup Process for serial cable:

    Plug the 9-pin DIN part of the serial cable into "HOST" on the back of the Ingenico. Plug the other end into a COM port on the PC. Plug the power supply which plugs into the cable Part#: WD1E1500LCP-N .Click on either MICR Scan Conversion Plus or Business Office Conversion PlusLicense agreement page will show ¹ and a pop-up window needs to happen. The browser must allow pop-ups. If a pop-up is blocked, a pop-up blocker detector should detect this and give a warning. Refresh the page to make the pop-up window appear again. The pop-up window must be open for at least 1-2 seconds before closing it.Do NOT close the popup window. Click on Download CrossCheck Ingenico Setup Installation and install.Close the popup window.Choose Ingenico 2600 under Choose DeviceClick I AcceptThe first ActiveX control will install after approving installation: A CrossCheck FS (file system) Utility created by CrossCheck to allow file renaming and deleting of the scanned images on the merchant’s PC.*** SCAN CHECK THROUGH INGENICO IMAGER NOW *** should show and the device should be ready for scanning.Scan a test check through. Enter any necessary test check information². Verify and click “Approve” to begin processing.“Test Completed Normally” should appear and a new popup window will appear that will upload the image. Install the last ActiveX control: Persits XUpload Control. This will install after approving installation. When the window says “Finished uploading images”, this window can be closed. A support rep should verify the image has been received. An image can take up to a minute to show up on CrossCheck's system for a support rep to pull up.

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