Revel POS Twitter


Employees or managers can post tweets and photos directly from the Revel POS application. This can be used to alert Twitter followers of upcoming deals, announcement or more.

*More Social Media integration to come such as Facebook & Yelp. For now, they are not available.

Enable Twitter on Revel

First enable Twitter on the Management Console

  • Log into the Revel Management Console.
  • Select Settings -> Switch to Advanced View.
  • Select “Social Network/Marketing” tab on the left.
  • Check on “Twitter” and input the Twitter URL.
  • Enter in the Twitter handle and password (do not need to hit Install)Log into Twitter Account on iPad

    Once Twitter is enabled for the application, it needs to be signed into the account. This will be done on actual iPad itself, not the Revel application. Follow the steps below to sign into Twitter on the iPad, similar to logging into email.

  • Go to the Home Page of the iPad
  • Select Settings icon
  • Select Twitter on the left side
  • Once complete, hit Sign In. If inputted correctly, a prompt to install the application may appear, however skip it.
  • How to Tweet from Revel Application

    Once the Twitter has been logged in, users can tweet directly from Revel.

  • Log into the Revel application.
  • To attach a photo to the tweet, select “Pick Image”. It may ask for permission to access the iPad photo album, hit allow if it does. Select the photo.
  • To write, select “Twitter” button. Any photos attached will be shown here as well. Type in the tweet.
  • On the order screen,  select the Twitter icon at the top. If using Table Service license,  open a table first. When ready,  hit “Post” to post it on Twitter.

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