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When iPads have poor WiFi signal, it can impact the Revel application especially establishments that rely on iPads to communicate with each other at all times. A notable example would be a table service location using multiple iPads as order takers, cash stations, and bar stations.Important:Revel has released new technology that eliminates the risk of network connectivity degradation. Characteristics in a table service envrironment such as physical structures - temperature changes - customer density are all things that may impact that WiFi network strength.Revel Ethernet Connect is ideal to eliminate connectivity issues resulting from WiFi anomalies. Please see and contact your sales rep today for information!If experiencing these symptoms below, it could indicate a WiFi issue
  1. “Please set main to communicate with server” bar message appears on child stations throughout the day.
  2. “The main POS station could not be reached for 10 minutes” notification box.
  3. Old orders reappear on open tables.
  4. Application crashing consistently throughout the day.
  5. Orders made on child iPad not appearing on any other iPad including the main station (ex. On order taker, there are drink items on the check however when order is opened on another iPad, it does not have the drink items).
If random items are appearing onto checks, it could be because other servers are accidentally selecting the table and adding new items. To prevent this, turn on “lock table to table owner” setting under Settings -> Table Service Settings in the Management Console.

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