Revel POS discount

Located under Reports ->Other Reports -> Discounts and Voids. This report shows you all the voids, discounts (both item and order level discounts), comps, and exchange discounts done on the POS. Also includes the employee’s name and the reason they inputted or used.

  • Reason: This is either the discount name or the reason that needs to be manually inputted by the employee.
  • Comps: Essentially a 100% discount placed onto the item
  • Item Discount: A discount placed directly onto the item oppose to the entire order. For example, 50% off a burger, the discount is placed onto the burger, not 50% off the order.
  • Order Discount: A discount placed onto the order as a whole.
  • Filters & Option

  • Group by Reason: Groups the reasons into their own mini section to help organize the list.
  • Note: When selecting Group by Reason, the Total Payments adds each order payment made on each discount. Meaning, if you have multiple item discounts on one order, when Item Discounts is grouped by reason, the order payments listed for each item discount are added together.
  • Employee: View all the voids, comps, discounts, and exchange done from a specific employee.
  • Date Range: Choose a date or date range you wish to view all the voids and discounts from.
  • Open: Includes discounts and voids in “open” orders into the report. An open order defines as an order that has not been closed on the POS station.
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