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FoodZaps aims to be the most dynamic Android POS Software for Restaurants by giving you control, flexibility, and freedom to boost your performance!So you are looking for your next POS Software (Point of Sales App) for your restaurant?

Let us simplify your choice. Try our POS solution out for a free 7-day trial.

You will then be able to choose between 3 versions for your POS app:
• Free Plan
• Entrée Plan ($9.90/mth) + additional devices ($5/device)
• Full Course Plan ($39.90/mth) + additional devices ($4/device)

POS Solution designed to solve your biggest challenges and add value:

Technical / POS
• Patent-Pending Technology guarantees continuous uptime (incl. when internet is down).
• Flexible Hardware - large choice
• Powerful Reports & Analytics - anywhere, anytime
• User Access Management - rights to waiters, chefs, cashiers
• Intuitive User Interface - easy experience from the start
• Inventory Mngmt - ingredient & recipe

• Training – No training needed. Tutorial videos and online resources available. Waiter and cashier can use POS within minutes.
• Equipment – Easy to reduce costs with Android devices available for every budget.
Mobile Ordering – ideal for increasing turnover and revenue.
• Salaries – Improved POS Systems efficiencies for all your staff (waiters, cashiers, chefs) to help you reduce costs & increase revenue.
• Inventory – easily recognize areas that need improvement.
• DIY – Anyone can set up our POS Systems so you will save on installation and consultant costs.

• Scalability – Increase your number of devices / outlets at reasonable rates
• Control – Reports & Analytics
• Staff Turnover – Android devices are awesome to use
• Theft – Easy to investigate waiter + cashier
• Maximize Skills / Education / Motivation – Simple intuitive system to get the most out of your waiters and cashiers.
• Flexible Ordering – From Quick Ordering, to Mobile Ordering, Self-Ordering, and soon Online Ordering! POS systems help you simply connect all your devices in real-time for better productivity from waiters and cashiers

Restaurant Point of Sale system free Download

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Restaurant Manager POS system cost

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Restaurant Manager POS software Download