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Easy to Use

Using iOS POSLavu is really easy to use allowing you to meet your customer and throw away your paper order books. Utilising its intuitive interface POSLavu on the iPad and iPhone will be the easiest system you will ever use. It takes minutes to train any employee on how to use POSLavu.

Start Taking Orders

Wirelessly send orders to the kitchen the moment you have finished talking to the customer. Printers and cash drawers all operate wirelessly using Apple Wireless Airport technology. You are even able to have different printers for each station making for streamlined workflows for distributing orders and tasks. From small coffee shops to large fine-dining establishments, POSLavu software can be scaled to fit any operation and has the features to support it. Single or multi-location businesses can take advantage of My Mac’s expertise in implementing this software.

The best Technology at an affordable price.

POSLavu is a Full-featured iPad and iPhone Point of Sale system for thousands of dollars less than comparable systems. The current functionality and feature set allows the software to be both powerful and versatile, a solution for Coffee Shop POS, Bar POS, Restaurant POS at an affordable price.

Lavu Silver

Supports up to: - 1 Terminal (iPad)
- Unlimited Max Users*
- 2 Printers
- 1 iPod Touch/iPhone
- 1 Cash Drawer

Lavu Gold

Supports up to: - 2 Terminal (iPad)
- Unlimited Max Users*
- 5 Printers
- 10 iPod Touch/iPhone
- 2 Cash Drawer

Lavu Platinum

Supports up to: - 10 Terminal (iPad)
- Unlimited Max Users*
- Unlimited Printers
- Unlimited iPod Touch/iPhone
- Unlimited Cash Drawer

How does it work?

Your data is hosted on secure cloud servers so there is no need to worry about local server hardware or management. All software management is handled through a web browser making it available on any computer system. All you need is an internet connection, a Wi-Fi network, your iPad’s, iPhones or iPod Touch’s, Printers and Cash Drawers.

Remote Management

You are able to Access your business dashboard from anywhere in the world at any time allowing you to make menu changes, check the daily numbers and see who is working today. Use the reporting tools to view menu trends and help with ordering.


Our Business Solution Consultants will discuss your current and future business needs and develop a solution to help alleviate the pains of your current systems and allow your business to flourish.


Our Business Solution implementation services include software installation and setup, hardware deployment and installation, data preparation and import from existing systems, and workflow design.

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