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Many employees play different roles in a restaurant. You may find yourself with a waitress who is also a counter cashier or assistant manager depending on the needs of your business on any given day. Using Employee Classes allows these individuals to clock-in as "Wait Staff", "Cashier", or "Assistant Manager" (or anything else you come up with) to help you with payroll and a more clear understanding of what your staff is doing.

1. Log in to your Admin Control Panel (admin.poslavu.com) and navigate to Settings Employee Classes

2. Click Add New

3. Enter the necessary information then click Submit


Tipout Rules:

This will determine the percentage that the Employee Class tips out and to whom. This is optional and only needs to be filled in if you use tipouts.

4. Click Submit to save your new Employee Class


1. Navigate to Edit Users and click the name of the User you wish to assign an Employee Class or Classes

2. Use the Classes drop-down menus to select a single or multiple Employee Classes for the User

3. Enter a Pay Rate for each of the Employee Classes assigned to the User and remove the default Pay Rate, located at the bottom of the section.

NOTE: If the default Pay Rate is not removed, it will override the first assigned Employee Class Pay Rate.

4. Click Submit when you are done then Reload Settings on all your devices running the Lavu POS App.

NOTE: Users with more than one Employee Class assigned to them will be prompted to select the Employee Class that matches their duties when clocking in through the Lavu POS App.

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