Intuit POS troubleshooting

The article outlines the basic troubleshooting steps you can do to fix possible data damage.

Detailed instructions

Before you start troubleshooting data damage, be aware that you have the option to:When troubleshooting basic data damage, be aware that you need to:
  • Open QuickBooks on the computer where the actual company data file is stored.
  • Run the Verify/Rebuild Utilities on the same computer where the file is saved in order to prevent further damage to the data file. Do NOT perform a rebuild over a network connection or external storage device as it may cause additional issues.
  • Avoid cancelling or aborting the Rebuild Data Utility.
  • Switch to Single-user mode (From the File menu, click Switch to Single-user mode)
  • Login to your company file as the Admin user.
Step 1: Re-sort the lists.Step 2: Run the Rebuild Utility.The Rebuild Data Utility repairs transactions and list damage in your company file, but is limited to damage it is progammed to fix.Run the Rebuild Data utility when:
  • You are prompted to by the QuickBooks program
  • A QuickBooks In Product Help or knowledge base article suggests you rebuld your data
To rebuild data:
  1. From the File menu, click Utilities > Rebuild Data.
  2. Click Ok if you receive a warning message to backup your company file.
    Your computer may display the message QuickBooks is not responding however, as long as you can move your mouse indicator, wait for it to complete.
  3. Click Ok when you get the message Rebuild has completed.
  4. Run Verify Data to check for remaining data damage. If the second verify fails, proceed to Step 3.

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