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Leading national point of sale (POS) system provider Harbortouch has released version 3.0 of Lighthouse, the company’s cloud-based POS management and reporting tool, for its Retail POS systems. Lighthouse communicates information between Harbortouch POS systems and the company’s online reporting platform, enabling business owners to manage their POS system and access reports any time, any place. Lighthouse 3.0 adds a number of new features to the service as well as improved stability and reliability.

Harbortouch CEO Jared Isaacman states, “Traditionally, many POS systems required a dedicated back-office PC to run reports or make updates to the menu. With the technology available today, it only made sense to eliminate this antiquated requirement and deliver a cloud-based solution in the form of Lighthouse. Over time, we have continued to make improvements to Lighthouse and version 3.0 delivers the biggest upgrade yet.”

With this release, Harbortouch Retail merchants now have the ability to remotely access a number of real-time POS reports online. Further, these reports are now updated in real-time and merchants have the ability to set up email subscriptions for their favorite reports. Merchants will also now be able to order gift cards and processing supplies, and track POS or accessory orders online.

In addition to these functional improvements, the back-end infrastructure has been completely rebuilt to deliver a more secure, reliable and scalable platform. Further, the online interface has been redesigned to be more intuitive and deliver a better user experience. The online site is also now mobile-friendly to be accessed via smartphones and tablet devices.

The industry-leading Harbortouch POS system is offered as part of the revolutionary “free POS program” that supplies a full-featured POS system to restaurants and retail businesses with no up-front cost.

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