Harbortouch POS Elite system

PROS / Harbortouch will deliver a full POS system with a payment processing agreement for the cost of shipping. The company also offers mobile payment processing and iPad software for tableside service.

CONS / To receive the free POS system, you have to accept a contractual agreement with Harbortouch for payment processing.

VERDICT / If you find the credit card processing contract agreeable, Harbortouch can help you get up and running for a nominal startup cost.

You can order a Harbortouch system for the cost of shipping. This makes it an attractive option for those who have little startup capital or who want to spread out costs over time. To acquire the Harbortouch POS system and payment processing service, you will need to agree to a three-year contract. You can negotiate the processing rates with Harbortouch. This service offers retail POS as well as restaurant POS systems and options for delivery businesses, C-stores and spirit stores. Harbortouch provides all types of point-of-sale systems including traditional ECRs and touchscreen all-in-ones. It also provides mobile and wireless processing.

Harbortouch offers low swipe fees. The estimated swipe fee is 0.59 percent plus $0.15 and 1.99 percent plus $0.15 for keyed-in cards. These are just sample rates; your rate may be different depending on your credit, sales volume and the agreement with your account representative. While the card rates are often low, there are also monthly service and hardware support fees. Be aware that you will be charged an early-termination fee if you quit before the contract terms are met. If you are just starting out or are unsure of your business's future, you will want to make sure a three-year contract is agreeable to you.

Using this point-of-sale system, you can process all types of payments. It will process all types of credit cards – even Diners Club and JCB. Harbortouch can also process debit and EBT cards. It tracks cash and check payments, processes online orders, and accepts Tabbedout mobile payments. It can manage bar tabs as well. It also easily applies discounts, coupons or automatic discounts at the point of sale.

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