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One of the toughest jobs for any retailer is keeping track of inventory. “We've found keeping track of all our inventory pretty tough. Too much inventory on hand and you can take a real hit to your cash and not enough inventory and you can’t fulfill orders. This can be especially difficult if you have multiple retail locations, sell through multiple channels and have products that are sold as “kits” or packages like we do.

Key challenges:

  • Costly shipping management

“We also have to contend with literally shipping weights, it’s another big challenge for us. Freight costs can be astronomical, if any mistakes are made it can become very costly for us.”

The inventory management solution

“Managing inventory across multiple channels is no longer an issue. You can buy 10lbs bumper plates or you can buy a package that includes bumper plates, barbells and spring clips and Brightpearl knows to deduct the inventory at the product level. We no longer have to use spreadsheets and manually input data which massively reduces the risk of human error. We’re confident that our inventory is always accurate because of Brightpearl. Our Office Manager used to have to double as the Inventory Manager too but can now leave the heavy lifting to Brightpearl.

"We've been successfully using showrooms in Texas by using Shopify’s Point of Sale which automatically hooks up with Brightpearl. We’re able to sell equipment and provide a personalized service to our customers in multiple showroom locations. It’s great for customer service and reaching a wider audience in Texas. It also helps as we’re able ship straight from the two warehouses by using Brightpearl’s drop-shipping feature.”

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