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Technology has a wonderful habit of making our lives a little easier, and in the case of the restaurant industry, has made a revolutionary impact in the way that we take customer orders, generate reports and keep in contact with our customers via special offers, emails and newsletters. It is safe to say that smartphones and tablets have opened a lot of doors for restaurateurs with their fingers on the pulse of modern technology.

It was only a decade or so ago that restaurants were upgrading their manual tills (the ones that looked like large calculators or small typewriters) to computer-based technology. This had a huge effect on the industry and made it a great deal easier to process orders, communicate effectively between the Front of House and the Kitchen during service, and process payments and reports.

The disadvantage that these old POS systems had was that they weren’t mobile. FOH staff still had to take orders at the table and then input the orders into the system the same way that they would using the manual system. The only difference was that the Kitchen would receive the order without the member of staff having to take a check through to them. It also eliminated any issues with bad handwriting or mix-ups from the kitchen not reading the check properly.

Tablet-based POS = Improved Mobility for your Front of House employees

These days, restaurant owners are investing in tablet-based POS systems because they understand how important it is to invest in technology that will ultimately lead to a smoother, quicker service. The FOH staff will have more flexibility when it comes to taking orders and payments, and it will save them a great deal of time as a result. This will give them more time to focus on delivering exceptional customer service to every table, safe in the knowledge that their tablet POS is taking care of everything.

For restaurant owners, peace of mind is a valuable commodity, and a tablet POS such as an iPad will give you just that. Just think of all the time, energy and resources are spent correcting mistaken orders, solving problems born out of mixed communications between the FOH staff and the Kitchen, and then later on, looking at reports and wondering where certain payments have come from or why certain mistakes have been made.

Cloud-based technology is improving by the day

Cloud-based technology is constantly updated, meaning that whilst restaurants that are implementing this technology are reaping the benefits and learning about new and exciting features, whereas restaurants that remain in the past are missing out. A cloud-based tablet POS also has the benefit of being able to integrate many features for your restaurant service, including loyalty programs, email marketing and rewards systems.

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