Restaurant POS System Reviews

Reviewing POS Systems
As you begin your search for a suitable restaurant specific point-of-sale system, you’ll find it necessary to do a bit of basic research. POS systems come in many different forms, and to realize the greatest benefits you need to find the one that best matches your own particular business model. For example, a POS system with hardware and software specifications designed to support a full service restaurant can be too much for a smaller corner cafe, with the added features complicating, rather than simplifying, daily operations. Likewise, POS systems geared towards leaner quick service restaurants can rarely meet the more varied demands of a full service bar or fine dining establishment. In order to get the greatest return on your investment, you need to find a POS system that answers your business’ specific demands.

Reviews, both online and in trade journals, can provide a fair amount of insight into different POS systems, and can help guide you through the maze of choices. However trade reviews are sometimes thinly disguised marketing, whose underlying purpose is to sell the product being reviewed rather than to examine it honestly and without bias. This can easily lead to confusion, making it difficult to determine if the system in question is really the solution to your point-of-sale needs. So, the question becomes “How do you read a POS system review with an eye towards separating the sales pitch from the actionable information you need to make an informed purchasing decision?” With this guide, we hope to give you the answer to that question.

Different Restaurant Types Demand Different POS Systems

When approaching any POS system review, the first question to ask yourself is if the product is applicable to your specific business model. Again, full service and quick service restaurants have different demands, and it is important to understand from the outset if the POS system under review has been designed to support one or the other. Some reviewers may suggest that any and all point-of-sale systems can be tasked to support any type of restaurant, but that is rarely the case. While any good POS system should be highly customizable, trying to modify a QSR specific POS system to meet the needs of a full service restaurant, and vice versa, is a waste of time, effort, and money.

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