Restaurant POS software for Android

Android POS Allows For a Highly Customizable Experience

Android as a mobile operating system is known for being open and flexible - allowing developers to have more control over the software and app experience. Apple's closed environment enforces limitations not only on when and how an app makes it into the App store, but also on developers' flexibility when customizing the experience within that application.

What this means for restaurants: Android POS systems can offer an experience more tailored to the restaurant environment - and more customization to a specific restaurant. Instead of forcing a restaurant's desired workflow to fit into what Apple apps will support, an Android POS app can adapt to the restaurant's needs.

Software Updates Are Speedy with Android POS Systems

Both Android and Apple offer regular software updates, and there have been frequent reports of Apple updates causing apps on iPhones, iPods, and iPads to break. In order to have a seamless experience for the restaurant, the POS company must get access to the new version of the OS, update and test the app, and then publish the update. The key difference between Android and iOS here is that iOS apps need to go through a review and approval process every time an update gets published to the app store.

What this means for restaurants: It's not uncommon for Apple to release an iOS update that causes an iPad POS system to break, while the POS company scrambles to develop an update and push it through the approval process. You may find emails or tweets from the POS company warning, "Don't install iOS 9, it breaks xyz and we're working on an update." With Android's open system, OS updates cause less of a disturbance and support a smoother overall operation.

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