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Because a point-of-sale system is a substantial investment for your restaurant, it's important to select one that suits your restaurant's needs. Restaurant Manager works well for full- and counter-service restaurants, pizzerias, food trucks, nightclubs and bars, plus, it's customizable so you can configure it to your liking. Using this restaurant POS software, you can create a menu that has both images and descriptions, and you can display it on your mobile devices, your digital signage and your website.

Restaurant Manager helps you utilize social media to connect with your regulars and to promote your business to new and potential customers. You can offer your customers coupons, loyalty programs and discounts. Because of its attention to marketing tools, reservation management and reporting options, Restaurant Manager ranks among the best POS for restaurants and earns the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

Register Features

You can use Restaurant Manager with several different credit card processors, and it helps you find the service that's most cost effective for your restaurant. It enables you to process credit cards tableside, which allows your customers to keep their credit cards in sight at all times, thus eliminating concerns about identity theft and credit card fraud. Unlike the other POS restaurant systems we reviewed, it doesn't have an offline mode that allows you to continue accepting credit card payment if you lose your internet connection.

Restaurant Manager enables you to include suggested tip calculators on receipts to encourage generous tips for your servers, and you can entice your customers to return by offering them coupons. The restaurant POS software also allows you to offer gift cards and discounts. Restaurant Manager makes it easy for your servers to move orders from one ticket to another and split tickets, which helps your customers dining in groups settle their bills according to their preferences.

Ease of Use

Restaurant manager is easy to use, and includes the tools that your servers need to assist your customers quickly and efficiently. By simply pressing a few buttons, your servers can place orders, split checks and accept payments. This restaurant POS software's back office is more complex than other software's back offices because it gives you an abundance of features. Although the interface appears somewhat dated, it's easy to figure out if you're familiar with Windows programs.

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