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Owning and operating a full service restaurant is no easy feat. It’s the only type of business that can be classified as small and still have a complicated org chart—management, hosting, wait, kitchen, and bus staff. With so many moving parts, you need something to tie it all together. With Kounta, you’ll get much more than just a pretty new register for cashing out customers. You’ll get a full service restaurant POS system that unifies all these moving parts into one interface. Table layouts let your hosts manage the dining room floor and assign tables to your wait staff. Tablets bring the POS tableside, and ordering a menu item deducts the appropriate amount of ingredients from inventory. Orders are sent wirelessly to the kitchen or the drink station, which you can define at the item level. Of course, you also get a totally flexible point of sale which makes even the most routine tasks—applying discounts, splitting payments, tipping—so easy they feel like modern innovations. Kounta was designed with hospitality in mind, and features like these make it the perfect

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