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Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)

You don’t have to be a quick service restaurant or have a huge kitchen to gain tremendous value from kitchen display systems.

In fact, restaurants of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the operational advantages that these touchscreen display systems offer.

Here are five surprising benefits of using kitchen display systems in your restaurant:

1. Track Tickets & Fulfillment Times

These reports can show you everything from average fulfillment times to how long it takes your chefs to fulfill tickets at different days and times. With this information, you can easily identify the most efficient staff members as well as those who need additional training, or hours that may require additional hands on deck.

2. Integrated Online Ordering Process

If you prefer to have online orders approved before they are fired to the kitchen, some POS systems will allow you to require a manager to approve all online orders or just cash orders before they are fired.

This allows online orders to be fully integrated into your operations so they don’t require extra staff and are never lost in the shuffle.

3. Improved Kitchen Efficiency

Tickets can be routed directly to specific kitchen screens and prep stations. You can color code tickets so they turn different colors when they are not fulfilled within a designated amount of time, keeping your team on their toes.

This will help the kitchen staff easily keep track of all of the different tickets and quickly identify the ones that need to be prioritized. The added efficiency kitchen display screens offer increases the number of tickets each chef can fulfill in a given time period, which can in turn allow your restaurant to cut down on labor costs.

4. Streamlined FOH and BOH Workflows

If the kitchen display system is used in a full service environment and your POS vendor also offers handheld tablets, your servers can get instant notifications right on the tablet interface when tickets are marked as fulfilled on the KDS.

This helps to streamline operations and to ensure that your guests receive their food as soon as it is ready, so dishes are never delivered cold.

5. Reduced Waste

A somewhat more peripheral benefit of KDS screens is that they help to reduce waste at your restaurant.

In addition to cutting down on wasted paper, by helping your restaurant become more accurate and efficient, they can also help to cut down on wasted food due to communication errors between the front and back of the house.

How Does a KDS Improve Your Operations?

Share your experiences below, especially if you've added a kitchen display system in the past few years.

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