Restaurant POS that integrates with QuickBooks

There are a variety of software accounting packages available to businesses. RPOWER interfaces with several: ACCPAC, Great Plains, MAS 90, and Quickbooks*. Other software accounting packages are also available. The interface eliminates the manual transcription (and possible errors) of general ledger information from RPOWER by generating an export file of daily accounting records (sales, gift certificates and gift cards, accounts receivable for customer accounting, pay-ins and pay-outs, miscellaneous income and expenses, etc.), and makes them available for import by the accounting software.
    • Automatically post general ledger transactions • Multi-software compatibility • Enhance ownership control • Eliminate posting errors • Secure data transfer • Eliminate bookkeeping man-hours
*RPOWER has built a specific interface for the QuickBooks software package. Refer below to the QuickBooks Interface section for additionals details. NOTE: It is important to remember that some accounting packages require the purchase of additional and sometimes expensive software in order to import RPOWER files and data.
RPOWER's Hands Free QuickBooks Integration Unlike any other POS system, the RPOWER QuickBooks Interface operates with no human intervention. When RPOWER closes the day, it sends accounting data to a location accessible to the computer with QuickBooks installed. This computer does not have to be running QuickBooks for the import to take place. It can be in a remote location if both sites are connected to the Internet. Do-It-Yourself Payroll (with Tips) Upon completion of the Pay Period Time Clock report, RPOWER will automatically send time clock and tip records to the QuickBooks Do-It-Yourself Payroll. RPOWER is unique in its ability to export tip data into QuickBooks for use in box seven of the employee's W-2. There is no provision in QuickBooks to accept job provisions in QuickBooks to accept job and pay rate information at this time. However, RPOWER does send new and updated employee demographics to QuickBooks daily. Customer Billing RPOWER maintains the master list of QuickBooks charge accounts and their members. New and updated accounts are imported into QuickBooks' Customer List daily. Each member charge posts as a separate QuickBooks invoice that is tied back to the RPOWER guest check. Current balance information is sent back to RPOWER for viewing at the restaurant level. It is also possible to receive account payments through RPOWER.

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