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From online ordering integration to customer loyalty programs to handheld tablets for your wait staff, it seems like there are countless add-ons and adjustments you can incorporate in your restaurant to make operations run more smoothly. But with so many options, how can you know what's the best route to pursue first?

To start, things are easier when your operations run off of one system. So why shouldn't that system be the one you already use the most?

A point of sale system, or "POS, " is used by servers to place orders. A modern POS can be used by customers to order online, by back of the house staff for KDS integration, and by managers for data analysis and labor reporting.

However, a great modern POS system is one that allows customers to put the restaurant experience in their control.

This can be done with restaurant kiosks, which are finally empowering restaurant guests for the first time.

which is available in full below for free.

Some customers want to have the dining experience in their own hands. With kiosk ordering capabilities integrated in your modern POS system, your guests will be able to do just that.

Self-ordering kiosks ease the transaction process by making it a streamlined and straightforward way for customers to place their order. The number of incorrect transactions will decrease, since the possibility of miscommunication between a customer and the order taker has been practically reduced to zero. This allows the restaurant to see higher profit margins and more happy customers.

POS integration with kiosks means you can bring your restaurant’s sleek, branded design right to the fingertips of guests. Screens can be customized with the correct terminology, pictures, accurate nutritional information, and an intuitive layout on a piece of hardware that closes transactions with both credit/debit cards and restaurant gift cards. Going cashless with these kiosks increases the speed of ordering even more, and frees up employees to focus more on customer happiness and less on taking orders.

Kiosks are not about replacing labor. There will always be a need for human interaction at any great restaurant, and let’s face it - there’s still a good amount of people who would rather talk to someone instead of placing an order on a machine. Instead, kiosks give customers control, choices, and empowers them to create their own customer journey. Now your employees can dedicate their time to helping the business in more constructive ways.


AJ Beltis is a Content Marketing Specialist for Toast. His first job in the restaurant industry was at a local pizzeria that kept him around through high school and college. When he's not writing about tips and trends for restaurateurs, he's probably watching TV or one of his favorite movies for the 50th time. He loves to travel and experience all the different kinds of toast the world has to offer.

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