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** To ensure the proper troubleshooting of printers **** Lavu recommends using a Certified Lavu Reseller **** If you do not have a Certified Lavu Reseller **** If a Certified Lavu Reseller is not near you **** it is recommended that you contact a **** local IT professional to help with your network and printer setup **Troubleshooting printers can be a simple matter, but can become a very complex issue if the wrong procedures are performed. It is highly recommended that a Certified Lavu Reseller or local IT Professional be used to troubleshoot any network or printer issues. Lavu is limited in its ability to troubleshoot printers remotely.If, in the process of troubleshooting, any changes are made then it is important to attempt a test print after each change.1. Is the printer plugged into a power source?2. Does the printer have paper?3. Is a red error light blinking on the front of the printer?For more information about what a red error light means, check the printer’s manual:TSP650 -SP700 -If the error light cannot be explained, please contact Star Micronics Support (Lavu has no information concerning what the red error light on printers mean).4. Is the Ethernet cable plugged into the back of the printer securely? Is the other end plugged into the router securely? Is the Ethernet cable frayed or otherwise damaged?5. Is the printer able to pull an IP Address from the network?Note: The steps below will only work for the ethernet versions of the TSP650 and SP700. If you are utilizing the USB versions of these printers, you will need to contact your Lavu Certified Reseller, a local IT Professional, or Star Micronics Support to resolve this issue.TSP650 - Turn off the printer, press and hold the paper feed button while turning the printer back on, once the first receipt begins printing, let go of the paper feed button. Approximately 30 seconds after the first report prints, a second report will print with the header “Network Card…”. At the bottom of this second report will be an IP Address.

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