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You have to spend money to make money, the old saying goes, but there’s one thing left unsaid in that: you have to spend that money wisely. And for small business owners, it hasn’t always been easy to do that. Over the last 30-plus years, Intuit has been making personal and small business accounting software to help people better manage their money and make smarter decisions with it. Our history is much shorter than Intuit’s, but we’ve already changed the way Australia thinks about Point of Sale. Just as Intuit’s Quickbooks gave small business owners greater visibility and control into their finances, our POS gives the same people the kinds of digital business tools they need to grow their businesses. With the Quickbooks Point of Sale integration, your books stay balanced as your purchases and sales are automatically synced from Kounta point of sale to Quickbooks Online. Gain greater insights into your customers and their spending, on what they buy and when, forecast your expenses and projected revenue, and make smarter decisions about where to invest your capital to keep growing. Spend money, make money. Repeat as necessary. With a Kounta and Quickbooks POS integration, you’ll get the following benefits:

Benefits of the Quickbooks POS Integration:

Automatic Synchronization of Data: Kounta’s sales totals, expenses, and customers are synced with Quickbooks behind the scenes, so the latest information is always available.

Never Forget a Balance. Keep track of who owes you money, how much, and for how long. Quickbooks will automatically send branded invoices to customers who purchase items on store credit.

Direct Cloud Connection: Your POS and Accounting software are always connected to each other in the cloud, accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Plug and Play Installation: Just enter your Quickbooks Online credentials from your Kounta admin console, and you’re connected.

Keep Your Accounts Straight: Map your Kounta Account Codes to Quickbooks’ Chart of Accounts, and rest easy knowing everything’s being recorded properly. Instantly know what’s a tip, what’s tax, and what’s yours.

Collaboration Made Simple: Assign members of your team access, and limit their privileges by user account, based on their roles. Now, you can go over the numbers with your accountant in the evening, and neither one of you have to leave your homes.

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