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Ingenico iCT250 LogoExpert Contributors:The versatile Ingenico iCT250 terminal accepts virtually all card types, including traditional magnetic stripe cards, EMV, and NFC/contactless. The terminal can accept Apple Pay transactions if the merchant’s credit card processor offers Apple Pay support. NFC technology allows customers to use stored credit cards and the ability to Tap & Pay.Merchants can process payments, print receipts, and run reports directly from the terminal. Additionally, automatic remote software updates are available, keeping the terminal up to date with minimal effort from the merchant.The Ingenico iCT250 is a dual/comm terminal, offering high-speed connection with the security of backup using traditional dialup connections. The iCT250 runs on the Ingenico Telium 2 operating system. The terminal also boasts one cable set up in order to minimize cord clutter in the payment area.The iCT250 terminal is ergonomically designed for comfortable use, and can be personalized in several places, including the printer cover flap and top casing. Personalizing allows you to brand the terminal to match more seamlessly with your business.The Ingenico iCT250 is sold for use in the United States and Canada.Security
The Ingenico iCT250 boasts multiple security features. The terminal meets PCI PTS V3.0 standards for security, and also supports international security standards, including DES, RSA, and more. The terminal is also EMV Level 1 certified.Features
The Ingenico iCT250 offers a range of features, including a full color display, built-in printer, and multiple connection options. The terminal also offers the ability to accept tips and start tabs, ideal for restaurants and bars.Connectivity and Communication
The iCT250 offers several choices for connection and communication. The terminal can use either a high-speed Ethernet connection, or a traditional dial-up modem. 3G connectivity is optionally available.For connecting to existing equipment, such as point-of-sale solutions, the iCT250 can use either a serial port or USB.Display
The Ingenico iCT250 features a 2.7” color 320 x 240 pixel anti-glare screen with a screensaver for long life.Keypad
The Ingenico iCT250 has 15 large backlit operational keys, and 4 navigation keys. An optional number pad privacy shield is available for merchants who want to shield the keypad from anyone but the user.Size
The iCT250 is a convenient and lightweight terminal at 7.28” L x 3.26” W x 2.48” H and 11.46 ounces. (Weight is for terminal only and does not include receipt paper or cables.)

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