Ingenico 3070 user Manual

Install PrinterReceipt Printing via Merchant POS

Configure your POS with your Printer if the software is capable of doing the receipt printing. If it isn't handling the receipt printing, you will need to set up Payment Express EFTPOS to handle the printing. Follow the alternative below.

Receipt Printing via Payment Express EFTPOS

The printing settings are configured in the Pinpad Client Configuration file (pxpp_cfg.txt), which should be in your installation directory.

Default Printer

You can use your default "Generic/ Text Only" printer driver by setting the property EnableDefaultPrinter to true. For example - 1

Printer Driver Name

To use a non-default printer or a printer with a different driver, the PrinterName field needs to be set to your Windows Print Queue Name. For example -

Receipt or

\\ABC58\PrinterName for network printers.

Adding a Generic Printer Driver Queue

If you do not currently have a printer set up, you can either go to your Printers & Faxes control panel and click "Add a Printer", or you can use the Generic Printer Installer that we provide.

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