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Harbortouch LogoHarbortouch point-of-sale systems offer high-end solutions at no cost when you sign up for a qualifying merchant account. Harbortouch offers two main POS solutions – the Elite and the Echo. The Echo is a tablet-based system using proprietary software and integrated hardware designed for businesses on the go, while the Elite combines the best of the best in order to create a fully-functioning POS system suitable for any bar, restaurant, or retailer. Both systems utilize Harbortouch’s hardware, which is leased to business owners within the monthly software subscription rate, no up-front cost required. Read on for more details, including pricing, features, and Harbortouch POS reviews.

What You’ll Need

To use the Harbortouch POS system, you’ll need the software with compatible hardware (available through Harbortouch) and a merchant account with the company. You may also need additional accessories if you’re looking for specific things like the ability to weigh produce or frozen yogurt.

Harbortouch POS Features

Harbortouch Echo and Elite POS systems have advanced yet easy-to-use features that make operating them a breeze. From 24/7 reporting capabilities to check services to table management, these POS systems really can do it all. Cloud-based software helps everyone in the business stay connected at all times. Harbortouch Elite allows you to manage multiple different operations throughout your business. Accept cash, checks, and cards, track inventory, manage timesheets, and place orders all within one easy-to-use program.

Kitchen Printing
Harbortouch has both stationary and mobile printers available, including ones with thermal imaging. Info can be sent directly to the kitchen so cooks can see orders coming and going, keeping everything running smoothly.

Store and Forward Mode
Harbortouch Elite and Echo POS systems are cloud-based, and always connected. However, if an Internet connection were to go down, you can still use the system. It will simply store the info, and your data will be updated as soon as you have a connection again.

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