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MPOSModern versions of cash registers have turned the tables in restaurants and bars. Customer service, orders and staff organisation are now run differently and with the essential help of POS systems. If the POS system was just used to take payments before, it can be used to manage a big part of your restaurant now.

What Is New with Restaurant POS Systems?

Point of Sale systems have become extremely useful tools for restaurants, due to their multitasking functionality. It is now possible to check the seating plan together with the orders for each table on the computer monitor of your POS system.

Moreover, once the orders are taken and uploaded on the system, they will automatically be sent to the kitchen. Orders can then be seen on the monitor of a mobile device or printed, if your restaurant is provided with an additional printer as a part of the hardware.

Basically, all this process, automatically made by the ePOS system (electronic Point of Sale), will save you a lot of time and money for your restaurant. Same thing if you offer takeaway or pre-order services: all-in-one Point of Sale systems, usually placed at the entry, allow customers to order and pay independently.

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Now that the service is done and the customers are ready to pay the bill, be sure that you can accept any kind of payment without being inconvenient to the client. In this case, you will probably need a wireless POS, so that you can take credit card payments directly at the table.

Better yet, a mPOS (mobile Point of Sale) is required if you want to keep abreast of the times. Nowadays, cutting-edge customers use just their smartphone or contactless credit cards to pay the bill, so don’t let them down!

Benefits of Restaurant ePOS Systems

  • Tables and orders management
  • Ingredients inventory tracking
  • Account statement reporting
  • Tips added feature

As said before, the first feature you can benefit from an ePOS system concerns table and order management in the front floor but also in the kitchen. Doing a step forward, it is possible to keep track of the order status and check it on the Point of Sale system or through a mobile device.

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