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When it comes to Software as a Service for POS systems, there are two distinct types of architecture that vendors/developers are offering, and it helps to differentiate between them before listing out the various products.

The first type takes a hybrid approach, usually having the register run as an app on an iPad or Android, with the data syncing between the app and the cloud instance of your store. Doing it this way gets you the all the advantages of the cloud (no IT infrastructure to manage or backup), with the reliability of a local application. The main drawback here is that, though the data sync is automatic when you first fire up the app, any changes made in the web while the app is logged in often have to be manually pushed out. Any sales or transactions made in the app, though, are always automatically synced back to the cloud without the need for intervention.

Without question, the most advanced POS doing this today is Revel System which will still process credit card transactions during an outage, and just send them for approval as a batch when connection is restored.( Unfortunately Not available in India now ) Luckily in India we have only few companies that does a good job on hybrid approach, one being . They go a lot deeper in restaurant space with ingredient mapping, inventory control and lot of automation for restaurants to reduce man power and losses . More about them

* The second is a total in-the-cloud, web-based architecture. Nothing happens locally, except the web browser you're using to access your data. The drawback of this that an internet connection is usually required for it to function. If you lose connection, you lose sales.

Some POS Systems, like - have engineered their applications to take advantage of HTML5 offline caching, where a mirror copy of the app and your data is stored in browser cache so that sales can continue uninterrupted. There are some limitations to functionality, but Vend has done a great job in minimizing the impact of an outage. Another POS that does this is Cashier Live, but Vend is the superior product all around.

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