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A complete restaurant POS system automates and handles many of the incredibly time consuming portions of operating a restaurant. From menu management to table layout, timing kitchen orders to splitting checks, a complete restaurant system will save you and your employees vital time that can be spent on the customer. We here at wanted to make the purchase and setup of a complete restaurant POS system as painless and hassle-free as possible, and so our complete systems have been built to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. Each system is designed for specific restaurant applications, so regardless of your needs, there's a system right for you.

Dine-In Restaurant Systems

These systems are built for sit-down, full service restaurants. They feature additional hardware, such as a receipt printer to send orders to your kitchen or bar, vital for eliminating order errors and speeding the prep process. The software included in a dine-in system gives you the greatest control over your day-to-day operations, including menu setup, inventory control with automatic connection to menu items, table layout, and more.

Fast Food or Counter Service Restaurant Systems

As the name implies, these restaurant systems are for counter service environments, such as sandwich shops, pizza delivery, and more. They use a slimmed down version of restaurant software, that lacks features like table layout management. However, you have the features and functionality necessary for quick serve restaurant success.

Included Support

No matter which package you choose, our complete restaurant POS systems are configured for your business and are protected by our 1-year warranty, 1-Year of free telephone and e-mail support, a free 45-minute training over the phone with out technical support department (High-speed Internet required). You can also add onsite installation, expedited warranty repair and video surveillance options for a worry free solution that leaves you free to run your business, not worry about your POS system.

Payment Processing

Our systems are available with either integrated credit card processing or a separate payment terminal. Integrated processing allows you to send the payment info directly from the restaurant software to your processor, making it easy to split checks and eliminate data entry errors.

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